Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Phase 1: the site

Week 1 

5 things you've learned about the UE4 navigation/interface/browsers that were similar or contrasted your experience with other software
compared (to Rhino)

  1. The mouse button controls are very similar for navigation
  2. Viewport possibilities are the same (top, side, front, perspective) with the possibilities of changing their sizes respective to each other. with the difference that in UE4 you have more flexibility in how they are positioned.
  3. Layer format very similar with the extension of world outliner in UE4
  4. Building shapes and then editing their dimensions and scale (uniform and non-uniform) is much more flexible in UE4 but similar to rhino
  5. moving the editing components around the page to the a format more comfortable is very similar between the two programs but UE4 again has more flexibility in the sizes and positions.

Phase 1:

Particle system

the Site

Note: Due to technical issues the videos quality is not high

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