Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Phase 3: The Residence

Villa Savoye


The chosen residence from the book "Raumplan versus Plan Libre. Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier", 1919 -1930 edited by. Max Risselada with contributions by. Beatriz Colomina. Stanislaus von Moos; was Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier, the reason for this was the availability of structural plans. The three plans below were my reference for building the digital model of Villa Savoye in 3ds Max.

Solarium (2nd level)
First Level

Ground Level

Modeling Residence

To model the residence within 3ds Max, each floor was modeled individually then assembled together.

Materials were then assigned to the model.

Finished Residence: Villa Savoye

Modified Precedent 1


Modified Precedent 2


Modified Precedent 3


5 Stills

Still 1: Street view of residence with pavilions. Showing the sliced residence.

Still 2: Inside level 1 of house, where the right hand side wall has become transparent allowing view of public area. Creating a "public" sense with the houses ramps and stairs between levels but keeping private the rooms on the left of the house (as seen through the corridor and door).

Still 3
View from pavilions, the block on the right are two public showers and two public toilets contained within one of the pavilions that is the furthest from the residence to reduce the risk of making residence unappealing for residents.

Still 4
One of Villa Savoye's bedrooms on level 1

Still 5: Smallest pavilion containing 3 sides of lockers, with space above them for the convenience of users for placing objects while interacting with lockers.


Edited video
^change speed settings to 2 ^

Unreal engine environment 2.47-5.47

Only UE4 videos that are within the larger video
Residence Unmodified
Only UE4 videos that are within the larger video
Residence and Pavilion

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Phase 2: The Pavillion

Variation 1: Terminal Line

There is a line created through the shape that anchors down the elevation, this line is represented through the supports going up to the anchor points and the resulting curvature. The line is breaking the geometries capacity to slope up in a parabolic curve instead bringing it down.


GH Script:
MSC_5075550 V1 Terminal Line

Variation 2: Emergence


Each "pavilion" represents the data set of religions within Woolloomooloo, the size and number of anchor points increase depending on the specific data. Out of a total of 6 different sets of data (Christianity, Hinduism, Chinese and Japanese religions, Islam, Buddhism and no religion) of which can be switched on and off in any order so that you can select which data sets to represent. The starting geometry can also be changed between a circle and a polygon, and the starting position of each pavilion is a random seed that can also be changed. The  way they are not fully closed gives the feeling of a closed space but at the same time its open and outdoors.


GH Script:
MSC_5075550 V2 Emergence

Variation 3: Mobility


This script is trying to immigrate swarm behavior with changes being, how close each agent is to another, how many agents to cluster, to follow the same direction as neighboring agents. They move according to their surrounding agents, influencing each other creating a lot of possible combinations of positions.



GH Script:
MSC_5075550 V3 Mobility

Unreal Environment:

Variation 1:

Variation 2:

Variation 3:

IDDA Certificates:

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Phase 1: the site

Week 1 

5 things you've learned about the UE4 navigation/interface/browsers that were similar or contrasted your experience with other software
compared (to Rhino)

  1. The mouse button controls are very similar for navigation
  2. Viewport possibilities are the same (top, side, front, perspective) with the possibilities of changing their sizes respective to each other. with the difference that in UE4 you have more flexibility in how they are positioned.
  3. Layer format very similar with the extension of world outliner in UE4
  4. Building shapes and then editing their dimensions and scale (uniform and non-uniform) is much more flexible in UE4 but similar to rhino
  5. moving the editing components around the page to the a format more comfortable is very similar between the two programs but UE4 again has more flexibility in the sizes and positions.

Phase 1:

Particle system

the Site

Note: Due to technical issues the videos quality is not high